Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions the Future Smiths team has been asked concerning The Life Bubbles.  These answers to these questions are not final, they are just our best response at the time of writing.  If you have any future questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.

These FAQ's are being created using the Wisdom of the Crowd.  If you are unsure of the power of the wisdom of the crowd then please watch the video below.

I've heard of these communities, I'm not interested in living with no money.

 It's obvious you are completely unaware of the technological society we now live in.   This is clearly not a commune or a bunch of hippies living in the bush.  This is the forefront of empowerment, utilising the latest science and technology.

One thing you will notice with the life bubble projects is about 70% of us are entrepreneurs.  Why? Because some entrepreneurs realise the problems we have on the planet and this is the most logical solution to dealing with the mountain of corporate and government paperwork.  We realise it's a way to lower overheads so that the money we do make goes a lot further so we can ACHIEVE so much more in our short period of time on this planet.

One thing I realised when I had an office of 16 employees in Bristol, with monthly overheads of $60,000/month.

It was costing a lot of money/energy to keep this office going, and the only reason it was costing so much money each month was because everyone has expensive lifestyles just to get a small amount of achievement done.  

Once I realised this the hard way, as a logical entrepreneurs decision, I vowed never to hire anyone who has high overheads in life.

A big solution to the worlds problems is to help one an other lower their personal overheads in life.  Life Bubbles is that solution.

What is a Life Bubble?

In simple terms, a life bubble is a house that provides a consistent amount food (all year round) protected by harsh weather and bugs via the attached greenhouse.

How do you know the apartments is structurally sound?

All caves will be properly analysed by a Certified Structural Geo Tech Engineer, and signed off.

Can I buy a Life Bubble as an investment?

Absolutely, buying a Life Bubble Apartment is no different to buy any other house.  When you are buying a house you are buying an agreement/contract with the State.   And if you really think you can't lose your property to the state then have a look what is happening in Sydney right now.

This is no different, when you buy a life bubble you are simply buying a contract/agreement and you can sell that contract/agreement whenever you want and to whoever you want.

How is the earth and wildlife being respected in this whole process?

We have a Buddhist who is highly respected who blesses each area before any construction on the land...

Who owns the land?

Temporary Solutions
Currently the land is owned under the Dean Cameron Trust.   Dean is the man with the first vision and who took the first initiative to purchase the land and this was his option at the time and he hadn't began talks with other potential investors at the time.

He is looking into structures that will make the land either industrially owned by investors who share the same vision.  

Solutions available in 6 Months Time
This will be a temporary solution until block chain technology becomes more trustworthy than the state.  At which point we will transfer to a type of dynamic "Smart Contract" ownership model where custodian ownership will be directly proportionally to the energy/work/monetary investment put in.  You can think of it like an constantly issuing IPO system using the latest technology. 

We believe this is a fairer model because it will attract:

  •  the highest quality of skills to The Life Bubbles
  • Allow people who don't solely focus on for profit activities to share the custodian ownership for their efforts
  • directly proportionally dispense custodian ownership based on the reviewed effort they put into the colony.
  • Allow people to earn residual income in every action they take towards making the Life Bubbles vision a Reality.
  • Promote the best decisions made for The Life Bubbles through Emergence/Wisdom of the Crowd/
  • Distribute power across the collective consciousness.
  • Create resilience in the colony.

How many apartments will you be building?

not sure?

How big is the land?

12 acres, we all so have access to build on other lands as well.

Do you have council approval?

We will be submitting the development application upon completion of the life bubble prototype on the land.  We are doing it this way because it will help with the full development application.

Dean also has experience in submitting development applications on 2 occasions.  On the first occasion his application was disapproved so he sued the local council and won.  On the second development application everything went smoothly.

We are looking to work with the local council and empower them.

How do you organise yourselves?

We organise ourselves much like an ant colony does.
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